At home gym workout

We hope all our followers are keeping yourself and your family safe and well during this crisis. We've been busy keeping a close eye on our athletes during this time but wanted to share some thing fun that you can do at home that will add another dymanic to your training.

Whilst many gyms are closed and workout stock sold out you can still give your body a workout using stuff around your home. Coach Phil has created a simple home gym workout using just your body weight and it's FREE! This workout uses five basic human movements, it will help with injuy prevention,

posture and performance on the bike. This workout ideal for those starting out and if you're new to strength training and have little or no gym equipment. Begineers start with this workout twice a week for 6 to 10 weeks before tackling anything harder. (Click the download button below)

Body Weight Anatomical Adaptation Workou
Download • 54KB

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