COVID-19 What can you do to get through it?

With these uncertain times many races and events have been cancelled. A statement from Cycling Australia has suspended all events until further notice and many other events have been cancelled across the country and internationally.

With that in mind we have come up with some ideas to help keep you healthy and focussed until we know when racing can be resumed.

- Set some new power goals. This can be short, medium or long duration depending on your focus, we can help tailor your training to suit these. E.g. set a new 10 minute power PR

- Target some local strava segments. Think about how and when you could do these best to achieve a PB.

- Zwift racing. Zwift racing is becoming more popular with many high profile cyclists getting on board, most recently Mitchelton Scott.

- Build a strong strength foundation. Get in the gym and make your body resilient to injury during the upcoming season with strength sessions to complement your cycling and workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment.

- Cross train. If you need a break or you become unable to ride outside cross training can be a good way to keep yourself fit and motivated.

- Fitness profiling. Season review and profiling to tackle the new season. What areas do you need to address?

- Work on your efficiency skills, is your pedal stroke efficient and economical? Could you be more aero on the bike? What’s your sprinting technique like? If you do cyclocross, there are many skills you could be practicing like mounting and dismounting, cornering and navigating difficult terrain. You could even work on your running!

If you need help with any of these drop us a line and we can help get you through this difficult period and turn it into a positive.

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