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Plan Summary

  • Intermediate level (1-4 years cycling)
  • Riding regularly (4+ times/week)
  • Plan duration: 12 weeks
  • 8-12 hours week



The 12 week build plan will get your ready for your priority A event, specifically the plan is designed to help you with a road race and a time trial. Using the latest science based training principals, the plan will improve your fitness, make your stronger, more resilient to injury and set you up well for your target events.


The plan provides the following:

  • Testing protocols to allow you to track your progress
  • Power based workouts, available for download onto common platforms (TrainerRoad, Zwift, Garmin etc) 
  • Improve stamina and fatigue resistance (reduces the effects of fatigue during long races)
  • Improve your anaerobic system so you can cover breaks and attacks in a road race
  • Improve your sprint power so you able to contend for the win at the end of the race
  • Improve Functional Threshold Power (FTP)
  • Free TrainingPeaks account (Premium for first 30 days)
  • TSS based plan
  • Coach email support


The plan uses periodisation to split the training into three four week blocks, each block has three hard weeks and the fourth week is a recovery and testing week.
The focus of each block changes:


  • Block 1 (4 weeks): Extended work at threshold, longer anaerobic workouts, sprinting
  • Block 2 (4 weeks): Intensive aerobic work (above threshold), race specific drills and workouts, TT workouts
  • Block 3 (4 weeks): Includes peak block and taper, 2 big weeks followed by 2 weeks of adaptation leading into your main event/s





Road racing: 12 week build & peak plan

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